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Notification of adverse reactions

Knowing that food is an open system, subject to the most diverse interferences and interactions, sometimes adverse reactions occur that may be related to the consumption of food supplements. On the other hand, the requirements for the placing on the market of food supplements do not comprise a safety assessment, assuming that in accordance with Regulation (EC) No.178/2002, a food is by nature safe.

Although the safety of a foodstuff is the responsibility of the economic operator, in the case of food supplements, with the specificities inherent in them, the generic approach to food safety is not always satisfactory.

The risk of adverse reactions that may be related to the consumption of food supplements has been increasing with increasing consumption and increasing diversification of these products. The collection and systematization of adverse reaction information is of the utmost importance in terms of food safety and, as a consequence, of the protection of public health.

As the Regulatory Authority for food supplements, the DGAV is responsible for ensuring that adverse reactions are recorded and followed up. In this sense, the DGAV makes available in its portal a Form for the notification of adverse reactions which must be completed and sent, preferably electronically, to the email address of the Directorate for Nutrition and Food of the DGAV (dsna@dgav.pt)

After validation, the DGAV shall take such action as appropriate and shall inform the notifier of the outcome of the proceeding.

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Update on: 2021-03-02


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