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DGAV - Management and Administration Services [DSGA]  - Contacts


  • Prepare the proposed budget of Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV) in collaboration with the Depatment for Strategy, Planning and Communication [DSECI];
  • Ensure the management of financial and budgetary control;
  • Promoting the development of annual account management and preparing the annual report on the management carried out;
  • Promote the recruitment and selection of staff, ensure the management of human resources, updating the register of staff and develop the "Human Resources Annual Report".
  • Develop the training plan;
  • Ensure the tasks such as  receiving, sorting, shipping and file the record, as well as an adequate flow of documents and standards for various DGAV services, according to the guidelines of the relevant bodies;
  • Design and implement processes for acquiring goods and services, manage the supply of stocks and promote their distribution among various units, as well as updating the list of material resources - inventory of DGAV;
  • Ensure the conservation of buildings and other facilities, as well as ensure the management and maintenance of cars fleet, according to the instructions of the competent bodies;
  • Ensure the operation of cleaning and security services and coordinate activities of assistants.
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Update on: 2021-01-24


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