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Department for Strategy, Planning and Communication
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  • Promote and conduct studies for planning the strategic objectives of DGAV and apply appropriate measures to their implementation;
  • Coordinate the participation in technical and scientific meetings of the DGAV, national, international community, as well as the joint services with other Directorates of MAMAOT;
  • Promote the implementation and adoption of legislation and monitor their implementation, as well as ensuring the development of community responses to reports;
  • Make follow-up actions and formulate proposals and recommendations for the control of national and community programs;
  • Schedule and coordinate plans and promote veterinary specialized training and accreditation as well as manage the technical and bibliographic information;
  • Plan, coordinate and implement the work of IT - Information Systems, setting standards for the development of applications and manage the systems and central databases, ensuring consistency and reliability of data;
  • Manage the communications network, defining the mechanisms of applying security, confidentiality and integrity of information available in the network;
  • Registration and update the lists of recipients of the food chain operators, trade in animals and animal products;
  • Ensure the operation of an information system and dissemination of notifications issued by the World Trade Organization, the Rapid Alert Network (RASFF), Traces System (TRACES) and other European Databases that aim to control and traceability of animals and their products.
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Update on: 2021-01-24


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